A loyal University of Alabama alumnus, one of the items I packed to the Antarctic was this flag. It was a beautiful summer day there, almost 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Leaving from Ushuaia, Argentina, the small French cruise ship Le Boreal took us across the Southern Ocean to the continent, where we spent five days. We had to eat and sleep on the ship to help preserve the pristine environment, but were able to land on the mainland and several islands in Zodiac boats. We saw feeding humpbacks, killer whales, several varieties of penguins and seals, and many birds. All in all a wonderful eleven day experience, although somewhat scary when a hurricane-force storm hit us at sea and the ship took on a twenty-degree list from the force of the wind! I highly recommend this trip for those whose souls still crave some adventure.

 Australian Outback

Four-wheeling through the Outback? Why not? Australia is the friendliest place I’ve ever been and there are so many things to do and places to see. Two weeks was not enough, but we were able to spend time in Sydney (love the beaches and the waterways), on the Great Barrier Reef, and in the Outback. Breakfast with the singing dingo and the bus driver telling everyone to hang on as he took the only turn in six hours of driving to Uluru (Ayer’s Rock). The Blue Mountains reminded me of my home in the mountains of northern Alabama, but their vegetation was quite a bit different. Beautiful clear night skies away from the cities. I’ll go back any time!


A typical gang in Brazil? Not exactly: Florianopolis, Brazil, is the “Spring Break” capital of South America. Of course, that’s where my younger son (Stephen, on the left) wanted to have his semester abroad! My daughter Mary (she whose picture must never be taken) took the picture and my other son Richard is in there as well as my ex-wife and a friend of my daughter. We were able to visit Manaus in the Amazon, Rio de Janeiro, and Iguacu Falls as well. I have to hand it to my son though—he knows how to pick the places.


The ugly face in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome is mine—my daughter takes pictures of everyone else! On this trip to celebrate her college graduation I was able to show her Rome, Florence, and Venice. We traveled by Air Force cargo planes (space available) to Spain, then commercial air to Italy, train up through Italy, and on to Austria and Germany. I do admit traveling with an art history major is educational—but after a while the museums start blending together! Mary loved Florence so much she later spent a year studying art restoration there.